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Python Optimization

  • CPython: the standard python implementation written in C
  • Jython: written in Java
  • IronPython: written in C#
  • PyPy: written in RPython (which is itself a statically-typed subset of Python written C that is designed to write interpreters)


Reusing objects on-demand


At startup, CPython pre-loads(catches) a global list of integers in the range[-5, 256], any time an integer is referenced in the range, python will use the cached version of that object.

Optimization strategy: small integers show up often


Not all strings are automatically interned

As the python code is compiled, identifiers are interned


an optimization occur at compile time

pre-calculate constant expressions

  • numeric calculation: 24 * 60 (store 1440)
  • short seqences length < 20: ‘abc’ * 3 (store ‘abcabcabc’)

membership tests (if e in [1, 2, 3]: …)

mutable replaced by immutable

  • list -> tuples
  • set -> frozenset
  • set membership is much faster than list and tuple


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