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Google Ads API Beta(v2.1) Short Notes


  • Developer token
    • generate from a Google Ads Manager Account
    • you can use the same token for not linked account
    • token state: pending, approved
    • only approved token can connect to the API for production
    • Use any developer token if you using Test Manager Account view doc
  • Custermer ID
    • the account number of an Google Ads account
    • can be set or replace programmatically in the SDK
  • OAuth2 client credential
    • generate from a GCP Project/API Console
    • use for managing the API users
  • Client Library

Basic first call (installed application flow)

Step 1

  1. register an Google Ads Manager Account for production use
  2. take the developer token from UI
    > TOOL > SETTINGS > API Center

step refs:

You must use a production (non-test) manager account’s developer token to make API calls against a test account. Even if the token is pending approval, you can still use it to make calls against test accounts.

Step 2

  1. create a Google Account for testing
  2. use the Google Account to register a Google Ads Manager Account
  3. login and create one customer account (the customer created by test manager account will be test only)
  4. create a campaign under the customer account

step refs:

  • https://developers.google.com/google-ads/api/docs/first-call/overview#test_account
  • https://developers.google.com/adwords/api/docs/guides/accounts-overview#test_accounts

Step 3

If already has an OAuth client:

  1. assume the client ID is ORIGIN.apps.googleusercontent.com
  2. go to API console, find the OAuth2.0 client ID then download the client secret json file
  3. use this secret to request a generate refresh token


  1. create a GCP project
  2. enable the GoogleAds API in API console page
  3. create a OAuth client, assume the client ID is NEW.apps.googleusercontent.com
  4. download the client secret json file
  5. use this secret to request a generate refresh token

step refs:

  • https://developers.google.com/adwords/api/docs/guides/accounts-overview#usingoauth2withtestaccounts

When requesting an OAuth2 refresh token, make sure you’re logged in as the test manager account user

To access a test account using OAuth2, the test manager account user must grant permission to your client application. Therefore, when requesting a refresh token, ensure you’re logged in as the test manager account rather than the production manager account.

you want to switch from the test manager account to the production manager account, simply reconfigure the client library to use the production manager account’s refresh token.

Step 4

  1. install client library
  2. create an sdk config file google-ads.yml and insert the values:
    • developer_token
    • client_id
    • client_secret
    • refresh_token
    • logincustomerid
  3. initial a client object that loads the config file
  4. make the first call to search the campaign we just created

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Python WSGI 及其應用

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Python WSGI及其應用


  • 全名Python Web Server Gateway Interface
  • 基於CGI
  • Python用來描述了伺服器和請求處理程式之間傳輸資料的一種標準(協議)




…proposes a simple and universal interface between web servers and web applications or frameworks: the Python Web Server Gateway Interface (WSGI).


…the goal of WSGI is to facilitate easy interconnection of existing servers and applications or frameworks, not to create a new web framework


…precludes WSGI from requiring anything that is not already available in deployed versions of Python


…current version of WSGI does not prescribe any particular mechanism for “deploying” an application for use with a web server or server gateway. At the present time, this is necessarily implementation-defined by the server or gateway

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初始Django專案並客製化設定檔 – Django Setup With Split Settings

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Django Setup 專案初始化









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Django: Create an instance of Manager with a copy of a custom QuerySet

Sometimes we want to query by custom filter and different orders

And in this case will raise AttributeError because Queryset object can not call Manager method

Solution: as_manager()

More Django settings from document:

Django Unit Test with Fixtures

Sometimes we need to write test with initial data

For this setting as example, we can load initial data by

And we need to do setup in test cases

Django: Query from abstract model class

Abstract classes such as AbstractProduct which inherit from third party package model_utils.InheritanceManage, will not work with abstract attribute specified true:

For this reason, its subclass like ProductA will cause create issue when load fixtures data by running this command:

Which will not raise errors also not writing into database, see the same issue on stackoverflow

The solution here is provide post_save signal and execute save(), because loaddata command will not call pre_save() and save()